I-70 Corridor
    Chamber of Commerce

    I-70 Corridor Chamber of Commerce has assisted growth and successful economic development of Eastern Colorado member businesses located in Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, Deer Trail and Agate, since 1992.

    We invite you to learn more about our organization and its member communities.  Please contact us directly to learn how we may assist your company in growing its business along the Eastern Colorado I-70 Corridor.

  • Why the Road Less Traveled Isn't Worth the Trip

    The hardest part of being an entrepreneur, no matter what your business, is convincing everyone else of your brilliance.  It seems inevitable that eventually the brilliant mind will stop plodding through the potholes of resistance along the conventional road to success and conceive the notion of creating a whole new road.  <sigh> Yeah, me too.
    You’ve invested so much of your time and money into your business already, those are measurable, but investing your heart and soul can drain all of your enthusiasm and drive if you don’t put on the brakes.  Instead of drafting the plans for your new and brilliant super-highway, hiring equipment and crews, and procuring metaphoric concrete for the additional miles required to circumvent the existing path, why not put all that energy into repairing and smoothing the way?  Wouldn't that well-traveled (but possibly outdated) road to success serve your business, and others as well, if all the drivers worked together to fill in the dips and bumps?  That’s exactly the reason to join the I-70 Corridor Chamber of Commerce. 
    “Many hands make light work” is an appropriate adage for the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce; imagine what you could do with your business/company if you had hundreds of unpaid employees doing the work with you!  Joining the I-70 Corridor Chamber of Commerce creates opportunities and benefits for the entire community, from Watkins to Agate, but most of all for you and your business.

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